October 17, 2006

Giant Sucking Sound

Dont' panic fellow Hawkeyes. That wind you felt on Sunday, that was strong enough to lean all the trees toward Des Moines, was no freak wheather phenomona, but the Clinton Machine passing through the state. Sucking up campaign dallars like a giant Hoover (ooops, sorry Bill poor choice of words for a guy with legacy deficiency) like a giant Bissel upright sucking greenbacks out of the pockets for the party faithful. During his stop in the capital city the ex pres had this to say about the Republican Party:

"You cannot blame the entire Republican party for this reason. The entire government of the United States, the Congress, the White House and increasingly the courts for the last six years has been in the total control not of the Republican party but of the most ideological, the most right wing, the most extreme sliver of the Republican Party."
Interesting... (I once had a professor that would say that instead of saying your full of crap) But what of the democratic party? In my forays into the dark side of the liberal blog o sphere I have met some of the most idealogical, the most left wing, the most extreme sliver of the democratic party and I must say they are an interesting bunch.

It seems that besides not being able to make a point with out name calling, they are more interested in revenge than leadership. Hate Poll here. They offer no vision of what they would actually do, instead they dole out the Kerryesque we would do it better, faster, my dad can beat your dad, schoolyard platitudes.

The real question of course, is this just a sliver of the progressive movement or is it indicitive of the democratic party as a whole? I guess it all depends on what your definition of is is.

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Anonymous said...

Well said.

Saw you had just updated your blog and couldn't resist the title.

What's your prediction for the elections coming up?