August 04, 2009

The Obligatory "Obama's Socialized Medicine Trojan Horse"

Meanwhile...the Peasants are Lighting the Torches and Sharpening the Pitchforks.
Philadelphia, Pa
St. Paul, Mn
Austin, Tx
Kansas City Ks
Asheville, NC

The Top Ten List of why "The system is collapsing" argument is a fallacy.
From: The Hoover Institution

Is Economic Equality Worth the Loss of Prosperity?
From: RCP

As our nation remakes itself into a European social democracy, bidding farewell to American Exceptionalism, we hear constant calls for "sacrifice." Have you wondered exactly what it is that we've been asked to give up?

What 'Right' to Health Care?
From: RCM

Those who want to see an end to spiraling medical costs should challenge the premises behind the government interventions.

The first premise is moral: that medical care is a right. It is not. There was no right to such care before doctors, hospitals, and pharmaceutical companies produced it. Health care is a service, which we all need, and none of us are better served by our
lives and our doctors under coercive bureaucratic control.

The second premise is economic: that the government can produce a positive result by redistributing thousands of billions of dollars from its most productive citizens. This is the road to stagnation and national bankruptcy, not universal prosperity.

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