August 28, 2009

In my last post I thought I would take the weekend off, next thing you know its Friday.

We spent last weekend touring some of Iowas attractions. Friday we travelled to Des Moines and spent the day a the Living History Farm. The 500 acre working farm takes you back through farming history from the days of the Ioway Indians through the 1870s. The site includes the recreation of an 1875 farm town complete with live demonstrations of the various craft shops that a typical settler community would have. Turned out to be a nice way to spend a day. Arwen liked the animals, Amy wants to homestead, and I enjoyed the historical aspects.

As I mentioned this is a working farm and at one house there were chickens in the back yard. My daughter had wandered out on the back porch and I jokingly told her to be careful because those chickens liked to peck out the eyeballs of little girls. "Ya right dad!" A minute later a pair of roosters strutted out of the bushes, put their heads down, and made a bee line for the porch. Had they caught her it would have been easy to peck her eyes out because they were as big as saucers as she hightailed it through the kitchen door. She forgets that dads know everything.

Saturday we travelled to the "Field of Dreams" movie site.

Children of the Corn?

Then it was on to tour Dubuque, a ride up the bluff tram, and a ride on a Mississippi paddle wheeler.

Monday was first grade orientation for my little booger and then Tuesday was opening day for us both. The first few days are always a little hectic buying books and getting back into the swing of things which accounts for the lack of posting. I must mention however that there seems to more non traditional students like myself this semester, a sign of the times perhaps.

During our travels I came across an antique table with an interesting variation of claw and ball feet. What caught my eye was the fact that the claws resemble a face with ram horns. Struck me as a little satanic. If anyone has any info on this style drop me a line.

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