August 11, 2009

Choose Your Apocalypse Game
Via Kingshamas and Slate

Ace of Spades Has the Best Headline Writer in da Bidness.
"IED Planting Terrorists Die Due To Lack Of Wellness Programs And Helicopter Delivered Munitions But Mostly Helicopter Delivered Munitions"
(I couldnt get Blogger to embed this video, you will have to link to Ace. Sorry)
While this video is obviously an impressive demonstration of the professionalism of our troops and the abilities of our equipment, at $70 Grand a pop someone should do a cost benefit analysis of using the Hellfire missile to light up a lone jihadi. Couldn't you have the same fun er effect with a 50 cal strafing run?

More fodder for the lunitic fringe. What is in Obama's background check that they are trying to hide? WE HAVE THE RIGHT TO KNOW, DAMN IT!
Officers Run Background Check On Obama; Placed On Leave
From WSBTV Atlanta

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Anonymous said...

Oh, I bet the stuff in Obambi's background check would make the average American a little freaked out. Pastor Jerry, Bill Ayers...they're just the tip of the iceberg.