June 30, 2007

A Stake Through the Heart of Immigration Reform

For the first time in my memory the nation raised its voice in anger and actually swayed the political system. Like a B rated Dracula flick this bill was ram roded through the process because its keepers knew it could not stand the light of day. On Monday the actors in this drama had the opportunity to plunge a stake through the heart of a sleeping immigration monster but like any good horror story keeping the viewers on the edge of their seats the intrepid hero's hesitated. A collective gasp could be heard as cloture was passed on Monday. By Thursday the cacophony of the audience yelling kill it, forced the actors to finally plunge the stake through the heart of the beast.

Random Thoughts

Two years ago I took immigration as a research topic in a writing class and had an ongoing battle with the professor that felt I was racist just because my thesis was stemming the flow of illegals. So I shouldn't be surprised by the arrogance of those senators that berated the public for the outrage this bill generated.

They just don't get it!
President Bush: When the final vote was over I had to rewind the presidents statement several times because I couldn't believe he was saying "legal immigration" at his dismay of defeat of the bill. It was not about legal immigrants it was all about border security and amnesty Mr. President

Sen.Chuck Grassley:
I was glad to see the the Senator remained consistent in his immigration stance. Voting nay on both cloture votes.

Who are you and why are you calling me?
Senator Tom Harkin, a rabidly staunch immigration supporter, after twice voting to proceed with the bill, stuck his finger in the air and in one of the biggest displays of spineless capitulation said ;

"Quite frankly, I'm hearing from a lot of Iowans," said Harkin. "They're calling, they're writing." It's the No. 1 issue for those contacting his mobile van traveling around the state". By Thursday Tom Harkin had developed reservations about the

"I've been willing
to let it go to see how we could work it out, to see if things could be handled and stuff," Harkin says, "Boy I tell ya, the more it has gone along, the worse it has gotten." Harkin had said the "status quo" couldn't continue when it comes to immigration. But, he says this bill is not the answer

"To see of we if things could be handled and stuff" That's brilliant, BRILLIANT!
The senator, that doesn't even list immigration as as an issue on his web site was upset with the bill, not that it stemmed the flow if illegals but because it worked to end chain migration;

"the more it's gone along, the worse it's gotten." He said that includes a "crazy" system for guest workers and an elimination of family preferences for visas. "Aren't we for family?" he asked.

All in all a victory for common sense and sovereignty. We now have the obligation to see that the current laws are enforced and past promises are kept.

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