June 19, 2007

Senator Grassley Doublespeak.

From this mornings issue of The Cedar Rapids Gazette " Grassley Backs Democrat's (energy) Bill". The package plans to distribute $14 billion to various renewable energy sources. Senator Grassley states;

"This bill reflects energy needs in the 21st Century. Americans need clean, green, domestic energy for their homes and cars. I’m glad to see the extension of key renewable energy provisions for ethanol, wind, and bio-diesel. People need tax certainty to invest in infrastructure and keep production moving. Production has to meet demand, and alternative energy has never been in such demand.

This newest handout comes on the heels of a recent report that the phony panacea of the ethanol industry is reaching saturation and is in for tighter times ahead.

But wait. Didn't Chuckles lambaste the the democrats for rolling back oil company incentives for domestic production? Something he called a "pig in a poke". A bill that coincidentally would raise somewhere in the neighborhood of $14 billion.
Alaskan Senator Ted Stevens who had on a bright red shirt and made reference to it when he said this of the redistribution plan;
"It's the color of this bill we're debating, Communist red." The legislation amounts to a taking of private property" by forcing oil companies to renegotiate leases they view as valid contracts, he said.
Talking out of both sides of your mouth can be so confusing. Perhaps it's suppose to be when you are robbing Petrol to pay Ethanol.

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