June 05, 2007

Free Speech TV

I awoke the other night to a show that was promoting the impeachment of the president for war crimes and crimes against humanity. "I must be dreaming" I said, but then realized that I had rolled over onto the remote and accidentally ventured into the upper reaches of the satellite spectrum where we never venture. Channel 4915 on the Dish Network is home to FSTV. As I watched dumbfounded I could only wonder what FS stood for. Frigging Socialist perhaps? I find it curious that the FCC would grant them licence under the regulations set aside for non-commercial educational programming. This is definitely not your PBS/CSpan programing
FSTV tauts itself as the channel that is:

Seizing the power of television to expand social consciousness, FSTV fuels
the movement for progressive social, economic, and political transformation
. By exposing the public to perspectives excluded from the corporate-owned media, FSTV empowers citizens to fight injustices, to revitalize democracy, and to build a more compassionate world.

They pride themselves as having the guts to air things that you wont find on the MSM. Besides the Impeach Bush symposium the daily schedule is rife with Bush Hating Propaganda which includes a segment that connects Guantanamo Bay with the Texas prison system where Bush " took his first life" when as governor a prisoner was executed. Another where the president is criminally responsible for the New Orleans debacle and also a documentary narrated by Sean "Do as I say not as I do" Penn. For lighter fare there is "Toilet Training"that surveys the policing of gender in restrooms and a regular feature titled "The Connection" that asks;"How can we build a fairer and more compassionate world?"

I have ventured back several times out of curiosity and by the fact that I really enjoy that cold chill running up my spine.

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