September 15, 2010

Let me be the first to pee on the Democrats new logo.

Update 10/26: The best critique of the D logo so far:
Campaign-time, Team Obama knew marketing. The best visual talent crafted a campaign "look and feel" as polished as any roll out by Apple.
Remember that glorious day on the Mall in January? The new Pepsi cans were everywhere, its new logo ripping off the red, white and blue "O" sunrise glyph. For the next year, it seemed like everything coming out of a design shop mimicked the graceful font of an Obama campaign sign.
Now this. Deflated, dyspeptic. One more false dawn, promised, then snatched away. Obama used to be big. Maybe he can be so again. Maybe it's just the branding that got small. Let's hope.
Obama, like Steve Jobs, know its really pretty easy to get the herd to queue up; but once we get our shiny new gizmo home the bells and whistles never quite funtion as advertised.  In fact many of the complaints about BHO are the same gripes leveled at the IPhone.
  • Poor reception.
  • Inconsistent performance
  • Text issues. Drops lines that are deemed patriotic or religious.
  • Not good for business users.
There's no replacement program!

Wouldn't you like a little hope with that change?


Anonymous said...

Dude, I love it.

I love so much I posted it on my blog.

It was too good not to steal.

Scott said...

mi casa es su casa. Thanks for the linkage.