July 01, 2010

A Salmon Resurrection

It is hard to believe that nearly three months have passed since the last post. For those that inquired if the Salmon had finally gone belly up I appreciate your concern. Actually, the usual end of semester overload and a recent vacation to the north woods of Michigan put blogging on the back burner for a spell. The sabbatical got to feeling so good that it was going to take something special, stupendous, earth shattering to bring this nearly spawned out blog back to life.

Then yesterday I was gobsmacked by an innovation so special, so stupendous, so earth shattering that I just had to shout it out to the world, and that revelation is…………..
Salmon Flavored Vodka!

Now I haven’t yet had the chance to sample this concoction and despite my motto that the only good salmon is a smoked, blackened, broiled or barbecued salmon there are just some things that don’t necessarily go better with fish; the halibut pizza at Anchorage's "Moose’s Tooth" comes to mind, but who knows, perhaps a dry Salmon Martini (shaken not stirred of course) with a little cream cheese back is just what the world needs in these turbulent times.

Perhaps too, the world needs one more voice from the wilderness, one more innocuous blogger, to comment on not only the absurdities but the wonders of the world we live in. Monday will mark the fourth anniversary of The Salmon and every year I am amazed at the endurance of this little endeavor. In recognition of this mile marker let’s take a little stroll back down memory lane to The Salmon’s very first post.


KingShamus said...

Very cool to see you back in the saddle.

Salmon flavored vodka sounds...interesting.

MrTex said...

I don't drink hard booze but maybe I could use it to marinade catfish and make it taste like salmon.

Good to have you back

Anonymous said...

I thought maybe you died. haha

Scott said...