July 14, 2010

Flotsam and Jetsam: Alaska Happenings

Awww, Johnston-Palin Announce Nuptials. From People Magazine:

You can call me cynical here but I think young Levi seeing his 15 minutes sputtering to an inglorious end has taken to the adage, "Its not your fault if your daddy don't have money. But it is your fault if your wife's daddy don't have money." Just sayin...

Awww Part II, "Birthing a Moose"

One of Those Unique Alaskan Summer Activities

Kenia River Dip Net Season Opens: Photos Here


Anonymous said...

The Palin-Johnston thing is just sad.

Hopefully, he's learned something in his time being an A-list douche on the z-list celebrity circuit.

Scott said...

I'm sure it was just youthful indiscretion.Ha.