July 20, 2009

NASA has posted some recent pictures of the Apollo landing sites on the moon and in the photo of Apollo 14 above you can actually see the foot path created by the astronauts. Now I don't want to go all conspiratorial or anything but Apollo 15, 16, and 17 was equipped with a Lunar Rover. The pictures fail to show where it was left parked or the tracks in the lunar dust from the Astronauts four wheelin adventures. This is very suspicious! Has NASA finally shown its hand or were the Rovers dragged into the lunar underworld by the ant creatures?


KingShamus said...

I vote for the ant people theory. It makes the most sense, of course. [sarc/]

Scott said...

Thanks for stopping by and for recognizing the Carsonesque wit. Come back again.

KingShamus said...

Yeah, I laughed. Good luck with your website. You do nice stuff here. Thanks for the comment over at my place as well. I'll link to you over there.