April 06, 2009

The Prince Bows to the King.

I am not one to latch on to conspiracies but my paranoid friend tells me that I am starting to sound like him. If that's the case, lets jump in with both feet, shall we.
On the heels of Obama's now famous bow to the King of Saudi Arabia last week, this paragraph leapt off the page while I was reading yesterday.

"Because of the demands of the war the government postponed decisions on how "..." laws and standards were to be introduced and applied. From the first days of the "..." rule, though , certain objectives were established. Primary among them was the achievement of the "..." principles of social justice and the equitable distribution of wealth. In the economic sphere the attempt to achieve these goals resulted in an expansion of the role of the state at the expense of private enterprise. The government nationalized the banks and insurance companies as well as large industrial complexes."
This paragraph is not about current events in the US but the days following the Iranian Revolution in 1979, and the missing word is "Islamic". This parallel should not be surprising given the communistic bent of the Iranian revolutionaries, but there is more to the Obama Islam connection.

His 2007 statement "My Muslim faith..." during an interview was generally dismissed as a slip of the tongue, but is it really a sign that his connections to Islam run deeper? As I told my friend the other day, Obama's pronunciation of Pakistan is oddly middle eastern given he grew up in Hawaii with midwestern grandparents. Can this be explained away as a desire to connect to the Islamic world or is it because of the time he spent there in the 1980s?
Now we have the bow. I have a hard time dismissing this as a slip in protocol when we know that there a closer and more personal connection to the King of Saudi Arabia. It has been widely reported that Obama's entrance into Harvard was greased by one Khalid al-Mansour an advisor to the King. Mansour was also an influential fundraiser during the campaign. Did the overseas dollars that the campaign refuses to discuss flow from the Saudi Kingdom? The bow suggests that this conspiracy may be rooted in a little bit of fact.
Excerpt from; Cleveland, William L. "A History of the Middle East", (Westview Press, 2009). P 436

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