April 10, 2009

MSM Catches up with the the Blog "O" Sphere

It only took about a week but CNN rolled out one of its sarcastic man in the street segments to put a humorous spin on the "Obama bows to his King" foopah. White House Propaganda Chief Robert Gibbs response is indicative of administration tactics for dealing with such things. Think back to the Blogonovich scandal(seems like eons doesnt it) "We took a look at it, there's nothing to see here folks, move along now my ignorant peons we have the world to save."

Contrary to White House spin the evidence shows this was no two handed shake between Shaq and Billy Barty which seems like a very lame excuse coming from the smartest president eveh. Certainly there were more plausible explanations like...

"Wow, that king has a grip like a vise, next time I'm goin for the knuckle bump."

Or, "Oh God!, excuse me your excellency while I puke."

Perhaps they could have said he was just checking out the kings shoes:

Obama: "Yo, for sheazy ma neazy! Where you get them fly-ass kicks!"

The King: "Payless, fa sho.

Obama: “I just bought a pair of Air Force Ones. Now these are some tite ass kicks my brother!"

The King: "Obviously you are oblivious my hip gangster from Harvard. You are off the chain, so to speak; my fuckin grandma has sweeeter kicks then that and she be dead.

(Hip smack talk stolen from Urban Dictionary, for obvious reasons)

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