November 02, 2008

On the Road to Dystopia

If you have listened to the Democrats for the last three years you may have come to believe that the US has descended to the gates of hell and they are the only ones that can lead us back from the brink of destruction. They have offered up a savior to do just that. History has shown that when citizens cling to a savior at times of crisis (real or imagined) they eventually end up as slaves.

I am reminded this observation by Jean Jacques Rousseau,

Tyrants, the enemies of the very people it was their duty to make happy, maintained regular troops, apparently to withstand the foreigner, but really to enslave their countrymen. To form such troops, it was necessary to take men from the land; the lack of their labour then diminished the amount of provisions, and their maintenance introduced those taxes which increased prices.

This first disorder gave rise to murmurs among the people; in order to suppress them, the number of troops had to be increased, and consequently the misery of the people also got worse; and the growing despair led to still further increases in the
cause in order to guard against its effects.

On the other hand, the mercenaries, whose merit we may judge of by the price at which they sold themselves, proud of their own meanness, and despising the laws that protected them, as well as their fellows whose bread they ate, imagined themselves more honoured in being Caesar's satellites than in being defenders of Rome. As they were given over to blind obedience, their swords were always at the throats of their fellow-citizens, and they were prepared for general butchery at the first sign.

It would not be difficult to show that this was one of the principal causes of the ruin of the Roman Empire.


In this next video the Democrats are once again portrayed in Orwell's "1984" its not hard to imagine the Orwellian world came about because of what Rousseau described. For the last seven years the left has used this comparison as proof that the Bush administration has turned us into the Orwellian world of Oceania. In fact I recently caught socialist financier George Soros waving an edition of "1984" on Cspan to make this exact point.

What they always fail to note however is the fact that Orwell's world came about because of IngSoc" or English Socialism. The very type of worldview that Obama is openly espousing in this campaign.

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