November 02, 2008

Iowa Paper Endorses McCain

The Cedar Rapids Gazette makes the case for a McCain Presidency today. Being an independant paper, a rarity in the print media, may exlain the Gazettes willingness to go against the grain of the newspaper industry. As Editor and Publisher reported, as of Friday Obama led the endorsment race 240-114 with daily newspapers. 65 to 1 with college newspapers.
Well done C.R.Gaz.

From the Cedar Rapids Gazette E-Edition;
...Comparing the two major presidential candidates, Sen. John McCain’s approach is best aligned to spur economic recovery. This is the overriding reason The Gazette Editorial Board endorses the Republican Arizona senator over Sen. Barack Obama, D-Ill. McCain, like Obama, is no expert in economics. But his proposals to retain most of the 2001 and 2003 tax cuts make sense for businesses that are struggling to survive and Americans who need jobs. McCain also wants to cut the corporate tax rate to help U.S. businesses compete in the increasingly global marketplace. His estate tax revisions would help family businesses avoid being swallowed by corporate giants. Growing business here means more jobs for more Americans. That is the single-best way to get our economy back on track. Certainly, business leaders who take irresponsible or illegal actions should be held accountable through fair, effective government oversight instead of expecting taxpayer-backed bailouts...

... His 20 years of military service, including heroism as a prisoner of war and a quarter-century serving in Congress provide perspective that Obama cannot match.

McCain has a deeper understanding of international issues and how to learn from mistakes and balance our interests with the world’s. . McCain’s record demonstrates he will cross his own party, even the president, if it’s in the country’s best interest. Witness his leadership on immigration reform initiatives. .

He understands that controlling and reducing the nation’s debt will, in part, require some difficult changes in Social Security, Medicare and Medicaid. .

His energy plan is pragmatic and forward-looking — reduce our reliance on foreign oil with a broad approach that includes more nuclear power, domestic drilling and renewable-energy development. We endorse McCain with some reservations. His campaign’s tactics at times have betrayed his billing as an honorable maverick. We expected better. McCain’s running mate, Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin might well shake up Washington’s entrenched politics as usual. But she obviously lacks working knowledge and understanding of foreign policy and many national issues, which raises valid questions about McCain’s judgment in choosing her.

We acknowledge compelling reasons to consider Obama for president. His intellect, oratory and ability to inspire people from various walks of life are extraordinary. He has re-engaged much of the younger generation into politics. His message of healing our nation’s divisions resonates. He has our respect. But Obama has offered no clear plan to deal with our country’s staggering debt. His tax plan could stifle the economic rebound we desperately need. His lack of experience with international issues is troubling. And running mate Sen. Joe Biden’s frequent gaffes don’t inspire confidence. Critics of McCain say he’s “lost his way,” and he’s not the candidate he was in 2000. We believe the real McCain is alive and well.

The McCain who is a proven defender of his country. The McCain who knows how to reach across the political aisle and international borders to find common ground. The McCain whose rock-solid commitment to this country can reinvigorate our economy, maintain our security and revive the world’s respect for America and how we play our critical leadership role.

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