June 07, 2008

Iowa Company Produces Flatulance Containment Device

From the Cedar Rapids Gazette: (E-edition registration required)
The biggest order in the five-year history of Cedar Rapids-based Flat-D Enterprises will help employees in an anonymous Midwestern city’s public safety dispatch center breathe a little easier. The order, for more than $1,000, was for seat pads that absorb flatulence odors — enough to cover the seats of an entire department. At a retail price of $25.95 each, that’s more than 38 pads. “They got them for the whole department because it wasn’t right to point a finger at one or two people,” said Frank Morosky, Flat-D vice president and co-founder...

About 70 percent of the company’s flatulence deodorizing pads are sold to women, and most are designed to be worn inside undergarments. Morosky said the company’s newest product, the FlatM, was introduced this week to improve sales in the male market. The diamond-shaped undergarment pad is designed to accommodate the male anatomy better, Morosky said. “It’s black and manly,” Morosky said, adding that sales of the $14.95 product have started out strong. The company gets about 2,000 views per day on its Web site,

I never imagined that such an important or inovative product was even available. I learn so much on the the internet. Women fart? Who Knew?

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