June 05, 2008

Alaska Gov Sarah Palin

There has been much speculation and hope that Senator McCain might name Alaska Governor Sarah Palin as his VP running mate. While I am still an Alaskan at heart and believe that the governors credentials are very commendable I don't think she should be the running mate for several reasons.

Just as I don't believe that Obama is qualified to be leader of the free world I also don't believe that Palin has the experience to step into the Presidency. Alaska is a state of 600,000 people and while politics can be every bit as rough and tumble (and corrupt) as Chicago's, Governor Palin is a big fish in a very very small pond. I may be wrong and she may be a very quick study on national issues but I fear that we will have a replay of the John Edwards/ Dick Cheney debates at some point before the election, and I'm afraid she wouldn't come across as Cheney. (Sorry Sarah I hate to compare anyone to JE.) If young and talented is what Mac is looking for, Bobby Jindal comes across as much more knowledgeable, is a better public speaker.

Adding a little known governor from a small inconsequential state such as Alaska would be strategically inept. The three electoral votes are already in the McCain column and its not like the Starbucks vote in the Great Northwest will swing McCain's way with this nomination. He needs to look for someone that will actually bring something to the ticket. Unless McCain can prove that she is absolutely the most qualified for the position then no matter what spin he puts on the nomination he will be seen as pandering to the women vote.
So while my heart would love to jump on the Palin bandwagon because of my connection to the state of Alaska my mind just says no. However, I do hope that there is a place somewhere in the McCain cabinet for Palin.
Palin Mania:


Anonymous said...

Bottom line, with Palin as VP, McCain WINS.

Without Palin, McCain likely does not win.

Case closed.

Anonymous said...

Hey Ted, On what basis do you make that assertion? What does she bring to the table? Conservative credentials, experience, or is it that she is a women?

If this is truly the bottom line if she ensures a win wouldnt Mac ensuredly lose without her?

Without some logical explaination this is really a Nostrudomas moment.

Anonymous said...

Palin SIMULTANEOUSLY attracts both the Hillary AND the Bob Barr voters -- in ALL the states.