February 03, 2007

Polar Bear Humor

Bert: I’m king of the mountain! I’m King of the mountain!
Ernie: Quit playin around Bert. Don’t you smell that? I think it’s Gore-Tex.
Bert: Look, over on the beach. What’s that guy doing?
Ernie: I think he’s taking our picture.
Bert: Boy that sure is a pretty shade of red. Stands out on the tundra like a dead caribou in July don’t it Ernie? Do ya figure it’s one of them there environmentalists?
Ernie: Maybe. This one sure smells prettier than a local and I don’t see any guns.
Bert: Ya figure they’re any good to eat?
Ernie: Not as tasty as a big fat seal but it probably beats the hell out of hanging out at the Barrow dump looking for muktuk.
Bert: I say we swim over there and have a snack.
Ernie: Ok but we have to be veeeery quite.
Bert: Why’s that Earnie, are they fast?
Ernie Nah there easy to catch. But if you aren’t careful, you scare the shit out of 'em then there isn’t much left.

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