February 21, 2007

Iowa Destinations.

If you are traveling through the Hawkeye State, known affectionately as the gateway to Nebraska, take time to check out some of our states many roadside attractions. This weeks stop.....
"Is this Heaven? No this is Iowa." Dyersville, Iowa to be exact. Home of the movie location of the 1989 film "Field of Dreams" staring Kevin Costner.

True to the movies hook "Build it and they will come", nearly 50,00 travelers a year pay a visit to this out of the way Iowa destination.
It is doubtful you will see the ghosts of baseball past emerging from the surrounding cornfields but you are welcome to bring your bat, ball, and glove and play a little ball on one of the countries most famous diamonds.
The field itself straddles the property line of two adjoining farms which touched of a feud between the two neighbors and in Solomon like fashion the site is divided into the "Original Field of Dreams" Open 9AM to 6PM and the "Left and Center, Field of Dreams" Open 8AM to 8PM.


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