November 07, 2006

Texas' Virtual Border Patrol

The State of Texas needs your help. They have started a web site where you, the concerned American patriot can spend hours patrolling the border without leaving the comfort of home. Their motto "Securing the border for the people of Texas.
This Texas Virtual Neighborhood Watch has posted cameras at various locations across the Tex Mex frontier so that you can report suspicious activity to the proper authorities. For Example:

Drug exchanges are known to take place in this public parking lot. Cars that are parked for prolonged periods should be reported.

Over on Camera 6: This site focuses on private property along the border. Any vehicle or human movement in this remote area should be reported.

The view from Camera 1: This camera overlooks a high traffic area where illegal immigrants are known to cross into Texas. Groups of individuals moving at night beside the road should be reported.

My guess is, that if you turned camera one around you would see this.

This is not a virtual fence, this is virtual idiocy and should be reported. Way to go Texas!

Site here.

Thx Steven

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