November 15, 2006

Election Postmortom

I have been playing catch up since our return from Sin City so although it is late I would like to share some closing thoughts on last week’s elections.
1. In the Iowa governors race Chet Culver was swept into office on the crest of the perfect storm that lifted the dems to victory. It remains to be seen if he is as I said not quite ready for prime time and if he can find a way to pay for his "Plan".
2. As I was scrolling through the touch screen at the local precinct it was troubling to see how many legislators ran unopposed. I know that Wally Horn has been in office for over 30 years and may be unbeatable but surely someone could make him work for his job.
3. Richard Nixon in a speech after his election in 1968 said his victory was the result of the Silent Majority. The Silent Majority are ones who the media now lump into the independent category but are actually those that generally support conservative positions and are concerned about the social ramifications of the Progressives. Just as they helped Nixon in 68 and Bush in 04 their discontent with the handling of so many common sense issues also turned the tide for the dems this year. I know I had a hard time checking the straight ticket square this time but with what we face today my conscience would rather hang with the loosers.
4. Like Nixon in 68 who claimed he had a plan to get us out of Vietnam, or Roosevelt that claimed he had a plan for the Depression, the democrats claimed to have a plan for Iraq. Empty claims got them all elected but it will take more than raising the minimum wage and another Hillary health care scare to get them re-elected in 2008. Lets hope that they understand that this is not the 60's and Iraq is not Vietman.

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