August 24, 2006

Decline in Liberalists

The Wall Street Journal reports that youth for the Democratic Party are getting harder to find. In the long term, liberal politics will decline because liberals refuse to multiply. The system relys to a certain extent on Political socialization , the process in which individuals throughout their childhood learn about the world around them and use this as the basis for the opinions they hold as adults. Parents essentially handing down their political culture to the next generation.
What I found interesting in the article is what it did not say. Lack of offspring may be true in the rainbow arm of the liberal establishment but surely the rest of them have not taken a Vow of Chastity. Perhaps the low birthrate figures is not an unwillingness or inability to breed but is due in part to the fact that since 1973, 47,000,000 potential voters (plus their descendants) have been intentionally taken out of the electorate pool.
I suspect that liberals have a larger propensity to abort thier offspring than conservatives and this would be a huge factor in their future survival. Eventually they may even go the way of the Dodo.

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