August 17, 2006

Bias in Education

Having recently returned to college, (maybe returned isn't the right description as my prior experience in the realm of higher education consisted of a year of welding at the local CC), I have come face to face with the reported bias that has gripped the ivory towers of academia.

A recent study concludes "Today's colleges and universities are not, to use the current buzzword, 'diverse' places. Quite the opposite: They are virtual one-party states, ideological monopolies, and badly unbalanced ecosystems. They are utterly flightless birds with only one wing to flap. They do not, when it comes to political and cultural ideas, look like America,". (Chow)
My personal expieience would seem to back up the study. The overt liberal brain washing has been primarily limited to the professors in the writing department although a more subtle and malicious, form can been found in other areas such as the humanities. Which would not be so disconcerting, but for the fact that many in the captive audiences are not able to discern where the class material stops and the indoctrination begins.
By and large the political sciences are staffed by a more conservative lot and the math department is well, full of mathematicians.

For your listening pleasure, the group that brought you the hit "Bush was Right", here is a preview to "Shut up and Teach".

Chow, Christopher. New Study Reveals Extreme Partisan Bias Among Faculty

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