July 14, 2006

Speaking of Deer.

It had been many years since I last hunted, but I had the opportunity last fall to spend a couple days with my sister and her family chasing deer around north east Iowa. We had spent the better part of two days and no one had gotten a deer, although we had thrown a ton of lead at them. Finally late that afternoon we had flushed a couple up a gully and past my brother in law and me. First to pass was a huge buck followed closely by this little doe. Steve took a couple of shots at her and as the pair continued up the hill I couldn't resist taking a couple shots at the Buck. I figured I would think of something later if I hit him. As he raced past, the doe stopped dead in her tracks not 20 yards in front of me. Even I can hit a stationary target at that range. The only shotgun I own is a 12 gauge Mossburg with an 18 inch barrel that had the front sight knocked off at some point. I had it bought originally for Alaska bear protection . Needless to say, after I bagged this poor little doe the joke was, little gun little deer. But the bigger joke was that I was the only one to get a deer that weekend. We are still enjoying the sausage and can't wait to go again and next year. I'll be sure to bring a bigger gun.

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