July 15, 2006

Campaign under way.

I probably rely too heavily on getting news I can use from the Cedar River Rag. Unfortunately I am a recovering newspaper addict and can’t start the day without a cup of coffee and ink stained fingers.
That being said, I was sure there was a gubernatorial election underway but news so far has been pretty slim. The only story of note to date reported that a Culver aide misappropriated a Nussle quote as his own and posted it on Chets web site. Oops.
But things really began to heat up this week when Republican Congressman Jim Nussle fired the first volley across the bow of challenger, Secretary O State Chet Culver.
This issue……Stamps!
Jim demanded that Chet not take unfair advantage by using states dollars to mail out voter information with his grinning picture on it. To give his demand some bi-partisan moral weight he invoked a quote by New York Senator Hillary Clinton, of all people, that said an election commissioner (Chets part time gig) may have a conflict of interest by overseeing his or her own election. The fox guarding the hen house so to speak.
Chet fired back that Jim better not be licking and sticking any free stamps from his US Congressional office either.
With only 90 days till the election things can only get better.

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