February 19, 2010

The World's 18 Strangest Airports

From Popular Mechanics: "Getting to this paradise-like island can be a bit distressing thanks to a 1300-foot-long runway, slightly longer than most aircraft carrier runways."

Caution: The Video below may cause puckering of your seat cushion.


MrTex said...

The sound of that Beta prop is reassuring. This flight was in a twin otter built least 22 years ago, which is when DeHaviland ceased production. One of the coolest planes I've ridden in.
The new-production Twin Otter made it's first test flight three days ago in Calgary.

Scott said...

Hey Tex,

There was another video of a landing at this airport and the pilot was able to make the turnout at what looks like mid field. That would be more in line with the landing performance of the Otter, but not nearly as exiting as seeing the drop off at the end of the runway.

I have flown in the Otter a few times and was suprised to see it making a come back. Thanks for the link. Now if they would only bring back the Beaver.