February 21, 2010

Iowa's Buyers Remorse

From the Des Moines Register:
A sharp drop in approval for President Barack Obama from Iowa's political independents has pushed the Democrat's approval further below 50 percent in the state and below the national average, according to the latest Iowa Poll...

What has changed: The fractions of independents who support Obama's handling of all three of these issues (economy, health care and the budget deficit) have shrunk in the past three months.

One-third of independents now say they approve of his work on the economy, about 30 percent on health care and less than a quarter on the budget deficit. Obama pledged during his State of the Union address in January to make jobs, health care and spending cuts top priorities this year.
This crash parallels the demise of Iowa Governor Chet Culver who, riding the coat tails of the Democratic ascendancy in 2008, is looking more and more like a one term catastrophe. Culver is trailing former Governor Terry Branstad by 20 points in recent polling.

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