April 19, 2011

Austin's Man Made Disaster

I heard that Austin Texas was ablaze as is several thousand acres of West Texas prairie so I wrote my little brother to see if they were homeless. His reply:
West Texas wildfires have burned over a million acres of land so far and none of them are under 50% contained. These fires are normal during this time of year but things are dryer than normal and the reason for the more than double the acres that normally burn. When these fires are in the open range they are no problem and the land bounces right back but this time they are near more populated areas.
Now the most recent fire yesterday in our area was about 30 miles south of our home.
This one was started by a homeless guy that started a camp fire to cook an egg for breakfast… an unlike your wild years in Alaska, you know that it is always good to have a beer before breakfast. Well, he leaves his fire to run down to the convenience store to by that beer and when he gets back the flames are three feet high.
How did they catch the guy? Well as an avid camper, you know how nice it is to have your beer and everyone sit around the fire, peaceful and a time to talk and reflect on life. Well as he is standing there with people watching their house burn down, one of the fireman notices this guy standing near one of the fire trucks and can see that this guys ear (really?) brows have been singed off and once approached the guys tells them what happen.
About a hundred residential acres burned along with houses... They had to bring C130 tankers in to drop water and retardant on the neighborhood. Doesn’t really matter to this homeless guy, he is now sitting in jail, hot shower and three square meals a day along with TV… bet he wishes he could have a beer right now, then he’d be set! (Steven in Texas)

Austin Texas: Terrorism or Just Another Alcohol Related Incident
Beer for Breakfast? MOI!!!
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