March 18, 2011

How Bout We Leave the Kids Out of It...

...and let them be kids instead of pawns. During the recent Madison protests I cringed when I saw people showing up with kids in strollers considering the passions, participants, and the possibility of events spiralling out of control.

I was equally appalled that teachers encouraged their students to participate in the protests. Its one thing to be an idiot with your own kids its entirely reprehensible to be an idiot with someone else's. A teachers first priority is to ensure that the  kids are in a safe enviroment. Hangin with union thugs doesnt qualify.

Then the a few days ago we find  kids chanting union slogans in the Wisconsin Capital. I asked my liberal friend if this wasn't some form of child abuse since the kids were essentially being manipulated. His reply was they were getting a first hand look at democracy in action, like it was some sort of teachable moment. The kids were six I dont think they got it.

This morning I see that kids as young as 5 are being dressed up and paraded around the Arizona capital to make some point about immigration. From the Huffington Post:
Call it Arizona's Shock Doctrine.

And the children are the shock troops.

They dressed as firefighters, doctors, lawyers, police officers, pilots and scientists. They carried signs, including a 30-foot banner of colorful hand prints. They marched along the Arizona Capitol grounds, singing "This Little Light of Mine."
If these morons had a hint of self awareness  perhaps they could see how fascistly repugnant this tactic is. After all they are not the first to use children to meet their ends.

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