February 18, 2011

And the Nobel Prize for Hackery goes to.....

A good but annoying friend of mine who regales me with his liberal Shinola on a regular basis just to pull my chain forwarded this Paul Krugman piece recently that just proves that if there were a Nobel prize for being a HACK, Krugman would get the lifetime achievement award.

He begins, "There was a time when Republicans used to refer to themselves, proudly, as “the party of Lincoln.” But you don’t hear that line much these days. Why?"

That's one dandy Straw Man if I ever heard one, and what death defying feat of mental dexterity is Krugman going to use to knock it down? Drum roll please.......

"The main answer, presumably, lies in the G.O.P.’s decision, long ago, to seek votes from Southerners angered by the end of legal segregation."
Ta-daaaa, the Republicans all became racists in 1968. Who didn't see that one coming?

It seems that the only ones interested in racist hate are those that benefit from keeping a portion of the constituency in a state of racial hatred. They would like the useful idiots to believe that the Republicans are merely a  rag tag bunch of backward southern Klansman despite the fact  that evidence proves otherwise.
Governors - Republican 29-20-1
State Upper House Majority- Republican 27-21-1-1
State Lower House Majority- Republican 30-18-1
U.S. Senate- Democratic  51-47-2
U.S. House of Representatives Republican 242-193 
There is obviously  widespread Republican support outside the 13 States of the Confederacy. Hell, even Wisconsin has seen the light and rejected the politics of Robert LaFollette.

With the upcoiming Civil War Sesquicentennial rest assured that Krugmen et. al. will be draping Republicans in the Stars and Bars  on a regular basis.

Update: Juan Williams is sickened by the leftist racism too.

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