November 02, 2010

Election Day 2010

We the People were mad in 2006 and in disgust handed the congress to the Democrats. By 2008 we were thoroughly pissed and doubled down on a man that claimed to be a post partisan post racialist,  promising to unite the country, heal the planet, and stop the rise of the oceans. He won with 52 percent of the vote and took office with the support of nearly 70% of the population.

Determining whether he over promised, over reached, or was in over his head is for future historians to determine. One thing is clear however, he has lost the support of 50% of the people that had placed their bets on hope and change who now feel that they were taken by some two bit televangelist. Today, We the People will put the brakes on this socialist nonsense. Where we go from here remains to be seen but rest assured this chapter of our national nightmare is not over.

Several weeks ago I watched John McCain, with a wink and a grin, like he was talking about your crazy Uncle Ed, say that these new Tea Party congressmen were going to make for some "interesting" caucuses. I once had a professor that used the term interesting whenever you said something god awful stupid. Lets face it establishment Republicans like John McCain have no respect for the Tea Party and no intention of changing their ways; their interests are too ingrained.

So unless some in the GOP have genuinely had an epiphany we will spend the next two years wallowing around in the status quo while the media, the Democrats, and the President paint the Republicans as a bunch of  mouth breathing Slurpee drinkers headed for another ditch and this time they will be right.

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