February 19, 2010

Where is the Outrage?

If you are wondering why congress does not roll the money that has been returned to the Toxic Asset Relief Program back into the treasury to reduce the national debt, the answer is simply because it gives the President a $787 billion dollar slush fund to dole out over the next year to political districts where the Democratic incumbents are in trouble. Lame duck Harry Reed is the first to recieve this honey bucket of presidential largesse.

LAS VEGAS (AP) - President Barack Obama is unveiling $1.5 billion in housing help, a boost timed to his appearance in the city with the worst foreclosure crisis in the nation...

The money for the new rescue effort will come from the $700 billion financial industry bailout program, (formerly known as TARP) according to a senior administration official who spoke anonymously Thursday night because the formal announcement had not been made.

I realize that Congress has over the years abrogated many of its responsiblities to the Executive branch but the one power they managed to cling to was the power to spend, that is no longer the case. Rage on America.

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