December 29, 2009

Flight Contingency Operations

If we take anything away from the latest attempt by radical Musloons to take down an American jetliner it is that once again the last line of defense in the war on terror is every able bodied soul that boards an aircraft. When Janet Napolitano tells us that the system worked and the President calls the incident an alleged act of terror they want us to believe as long as the plane makes a safe landing all is well at Homeland Security. Eventually however the terrorists will perfect the exploding apparel device and the final link in the security chain will tragically fail. Until then passengers need to take an active role in their survival because the rest of the system is obviously just a little bit flaky.

It may be inappropriate for the TSA to profile passengers but the individual traveler is under no such moral constraint. Begin in the boarding area by sizing up your fellow travelers to identify anyone that might fit the profile of a terrorist. Chances are your choice will not be the same as the ones that got the pat down going through security.

I know at this point some are saying to yourselves, "That's so prejudicial you fascist Neanderthal!" To that I say, "Screw you." The first rule of survival is awareness of your surroundings. I haven't heard a statement from the fellow on the Delta flight that climbed over the seats to get to the bomber but the fact that he acted so quickly would indicate that he was already alerted to the threat.

The second is having a contingency plan in the event that your newly profiled friend should actually have plans to land your flight a cornfield short of your intended destination. Preparedness is not paranoia and traveling with a plan to defend yourself is just as prudent as an insurance policy. Spike TV's recent "Surviving Disaster" series showed a realistic response to an aircraft hijacking that gives many tips and tactics that I think you will find useful. Lets hope those charged with our protection get their act together so you never have to use it.


Anonymous said...

Yeah, our safety is on us. Obama and the rest of the leerjet lefty crowd he toddles around with could not care less about our well-being.

A little profiling wherever you is not a bad idea.

Scott said...

I failed to consider that those that are in charge of our safety rarely ride coach. Thx

MrTex said...

How is this for Neanderthal? When I fly I usually wear a web belt like the one I wore in the Army. My Airborne Ranger friends say it makes an excellent choking weapon. Or if you want to deliver a terrorist alive bind his limbs with it.

Scott said...

I vote for use number one. I seen on TV this morning an incident where a person had to be subdued because he was trying to open the door in flight and there was not a means to cuff him on board.