June 07, 2009


As I read through the D-Day posts this morning one in particular hit a nerve. I couldn't help but recall Defence Secretary Donald Rumsfeld's pillorying for stating the obvious,“You go to war with the Army you have.” Liberty holds such intrinsic value that it demands that you to act in its defence. At times you may be unprepared or at times you may face insurmountable odds, but act you must. If we are only willing to defend Liberty when it is easy or safe then we have debased the meaning of Freedom and you debase those that selflessly took to sea in little plywood boats willing to make the ultimate sacrifice in the name of Liberty.

From Ace of Spades:
You know what I did this morning? Maybe it would be better if I told you what I didn't do this morning.

I didn't have to spend over 12 hours on a transport ship in choppy water, then clamber down a cargo net into a plywood landing craft, all while carrying up to 100 pounds of gear on my back. Then, I didn't ride through the rough surf in that little plywood target, only to have the steel ramp (the only part of the little plywood boat that was even remotely bullet-resistant) flop down and drop me into the cold ocean water in front of a beach filled with steel obstacles, mines, flying bullets & exploding artillery rounds.
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