May 26, 2009

Homeland Security Party Grants, Who Knew.

What ever happened to the days when neighbors would get together for a potluck and bar b que, without the need for the federal government supplying the entertainment and the hot dogs. This from the Cedar Rapids Gazette.
The Northwest Neighbors block party will not be held today because money from a grant needed to fund the event didn't arrive in time.Greg Stokesberry of the South West Neighborhood Association said the event, slated for today (Saturday, May 23) from 8 a.m. to 10 p.m., was to be funded by a grant through the Department of Homeland Security. But he said the city hasn't received the grant yet, and thus hasn't distributed funds to support events like Saturday's planned block party."They're telling us it should be here by June 1," Stokesberry said.The event was to include live entertainment, an inflatable midway, food and more.Stokesberry said other similar events are planned around Cedar Rapids through the summer, and all are slated to receive funding from the Homeland Security grant.

I just can not fathom how block parties are in any way related to the job of Homeland Security or any other government agency for that matter.

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