March 11, 2009

Iditarod 2009 Day 4

As I mentioned yesterday, as the teams start to spread out we will begin to see the racers strategies begin to take shape. The leaders are into McGrath and of course it includes Mackey and King who slugged it out last year. They must now decide to take a rest or push on and the 24 hour layovers will come into play. From Iditarod.Com

So let the gamesmanship begin. Some in the lead pack are probably thinking about those Iditarod trail breakers up ahead of them breaking trail. The gamble is whether to follow them and risk breaking ground for the rest of the field in hopes that they get ahead of the weather that seems to be closing in on them. Its a tricky gamble.
There’s no doubt that this field is deep. The overall quality of the teams is something to see. But over the next 24 hours its the decision making that will tell the story of Iditarod 2009.
It’s all about to unfold right in front of us. And we haven’t even mentioned the
most awe inspiring element in this whole equation; Mother Nature.
Come daybreak “The Last great Race” could get a lot more interesting.

The Iditarod or more accurately Martin Buser was featured on this "GMA" piece.

Views From the Trail: The Iditarod Air Force

The PETA Corner

Not even PETA could object to the Fur Bikini. Could they? ( Chilkoot Charlies)
Oh what the heck, FUR, FUR, FUR, FUR FUR, FUR .....

Photos: ADN

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