October 27, 2008

Life at the Salmon Shack

As you have probably noticed there has been an sudden increase in blogging output this last week. Last month it became painfully apparent that I was seriously overloaded and woefully ill prepared for midterms so I made a conscious decision to drop blogging (and a poli-sci course). Then the other morning the woman that lets me live with her came home with a bit of an attitude. This wasnt the normal 8-AM grizzly bear attitude that she has after a 12 hour night shift. No this seemed to be genuine concern about something.

"Whats wrong?" I asked as my hand slowly slid reflexively down to the pepper spray on my belt just in case.

"I don't know if I can live in a place with him as president" she said nodding toward Obama on the morning news channel.

"I know how you feel." I replied compassionately.

"YOU NEED TO DO SOMETHING!" She snarled like a Kodiak Brown on freshly shot Sitka blacktail.

"You know I've been stocking up on beans, bullets, and beers for the next Great Depression. What else you want me to do?"


I tried to reason with her but if you have ever found yourself between a sow and her cubs you can imagine how effective that is. "You know the three people that regularly read my blog already know all this stuff. It's like preaching to the choir dear."

"I don't care just do it!"

So there are my marching orders. In a week we will know how effective I have been. In the mean time keep your fingers crossed and your hand on the pepper spray you may need it. Excuse me I got me some bloggin to do.

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