December 19, 2007

How Can You Tell if Bill Clinton is Lying?

ORANGEBURG, South Carolina (CNN) – Former President Bill Clinton said Monday that the first thing his wife Hillary will do when she reaches the White House is dispatch him and his predecessor, President George H.W. Bush, on an around-the-world mission to repair the damage done to America's reputation by the current president — Bush's son, George W. Bush.
"Well, the first thing she intends to do, because you can do this without passing a bill, the first thing she intends to do is to send me and former President Bush and a number of other people around the world to tell them that America is open for business and cooperation again," Clinton said in response to a question from a supporter about what his wife's "number one priority" would be as president.

I was stunned that Bush Sr. would say such a thing. He has been pretty silent on GW's administration and to say that he would need to come out of retirement to patch up some perceived damage to the nations standing in the world seemed pretty preposterous. Jimmy Carter, Al Gore and Rosie O'Donnell would likely sign on to this traveling road show but I really doubted that Bush Sr. would care to tag along. As it turns out the the whole proposition was indeed preposterous.

WASHINGTON (CNN) In a statement sent to CNN Tuesday afternoon, former President Bush’s chief of staff Jean Becker said that he “wholeheartedly supports the President of the United States, including his foreign policy. He has never discussed an ‘around-the-world-mission’ with either former President Bill Clinton or Sen. Clinton, nor does he think such a mission is warranted since he is proud of the role America continues to play around the world as the beacon of hope for freedom and democracy.

It would be better if the Clinton's thanked the President for erasing the perception that the US is weak and lacks the perseverance to protect itself, a legacy of the Clinton administration which got us into this position in the first place.

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