November 29, 2007

Bill Clinton's Real Agenda

If Bill Clinton is truly the brightest, most astute, politician ever to grace us with his presence how could he make such obvious gaffs that could hurt his wife's chances to get his butt back into the White House? Or perhaps he really is brilliant. Always willing to buy into a good conspiracy theory, Victor Davis Hanson may be on to something here about old Bill.

"Things Not What They Seem; Hard Call" The $64,000 question—which is the greater incentive for him: to get Hillary Clinton elected so he can get back into the White House; or to subtly and insidiously cause her problems, so that history records there was only one Clinton, not two, and especially not one who was the first woman, might do a better job, and thereby overshadow Bill.

Triangulating on his own wife. Brilliant!

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