June 04, 2007

Swimming in the shallows

A day in the life of a LA County jailer'
6 AM Hilton, wake up time for your strip search.
7AM Hilton time for breakfast.
7:25 Hilton time for your strip search.
8AM Hilton, time for your shower.
9:25 Cavity check.
11:00 Hilton, here is your lunch
11:30 Hilton step out, time for your strip search.
12:00 Hilton...
And then from the Cedar Rapids Gazette,
Report of nude woman walking around C.R. unfounded
Cedar Rapids police were unable to find a nude woman who was reported by a caller in the 800 block of Third Avenue SW just after noon today. A person called police and said a nude woman was walking in the area and appeared to be under the influence of some drug.Police units responded but found nothing.

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

You left out:

10:00 Moonwalk lesson
3PM "Who Are The Little People?" lecture
4PM Oprah show
7PM "Prison Garb Accessories" video
9PM Night shift strip search