May 19, 2007


It has been a heady few weeks here on the banks of the Cedar River. There was the last minute study fest to prepare for finals week at Tall Corn College and Technical Institute culminating in gradgiation ceremonies last Saturday at the Cedar River Arena. Commencement was followed by an open house here at the salmon shack, where large quantities of Iowa beef products and a plethora of libations were consumed by friends and family.

If not for the persuasiveness of the woman that lets me live with her I am sure that I would have bypassed the the whole days events and went fishing. I had a hard time seeing the significance of the accomplishment of an associates degree from a two year community college that I didn't work particularly hard at getting. Sure, I maintained a respectable but not perfect 3.2 GPA but with the exception of a few courses, math and accounting in particular, the workload was not particularly demanding. I was also looking at the fact that I still have two more years at the U before I can declare mission accomplished. I am sure that when that day comes returning to college will rank near the top of life's accomplishments and best of all it will offer a good excuse to throw another party.

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