April 06, 2007

Iditarod Response.

Margery Glickman, director of the Sled Dog Action Coalition was kind enough to leave a comment concerning my recent Iditarod coverage. She writes: "The Iditarod is cruel to dogs. For the facts: http://www.helpsleddogs.org."
I contacted Margery to inquire why a woman in Miami, which is about as far as you can get from Nome, is so concerned about the state sport of Alaska. Over the course of several days we exchanged our positions on the subject.

I Wrote:
"Hello,Thanks for taking the time for responding to my personal coverage of the 2007 Iditarod. I wouild like to question though, why you would take the time to leave a comment to a blogger that has an obvious appreciation for the sport of sled dog racing and is fan and supporter of the Iditarod and it's place in Alaska culture?"

She responded:
Hi Scott, Thank you for your email. I wrote because some Iditarod supporters don't realize that the race is cruel to dogs. May I send you information, including copies of research studies that are on the National Institute of Health website?

I am afraid this is one of those subjects where our two sides will never agree. I applaud your concern for the welfare of dogs in general but having followed the Iditarod for over 25 years and having personally known mushers and their dogs I find that your anger and crusade against sled dog racing is unfortunatley misdirected.

Margery evidently was not swayed by my argument.....She responded:
If Ramy Brooks is willing to hit his dogs in full view of witnesses, isn't it a good bet that he's done it on other occasions when there have been no witnesses?- Margery Glickman, Sled Dog Action Coalition

I sensed a little animosity growing in my new pen pal and as my wife will tell you there is not a button that I dont enjoy pushing. Just my nature.

Margery, He may also beat his wife and kick the cat but this is a reflection of Ramy Brooks and not of the Iditarod. The Iditarod officials quickly took the appropriate action. Unfortunately it gives you, PETA and others the chance to wail "I told you so."
If you are really concerned about animal welfare and are intent on effecting some change I suggest you spend a few days at your local Miami Dade County Animal Services, where 64% of the 32000 animals they take in per year are summarily executed.
http://animals.miamidade.gov/ Twenty Thousand dead animals is a travesty that far exceeds anything you can compare in the Iditarod but I suspect that the local dog pound is not as glamorous a target as the Iditarod.

I am still waiting for a response.


Sled Dog Action Coalition said...

I don't know where you get your figures about how many animals are killed by Miami-Dade Animal Services or why you would presume I am not doing anything to help.

But the reality is that wrongs happening in Miami or elsewhere don't jusify or excuse the cruelities of the Iditarod.

Regarding Ramy Brooks: The Iditarod created an "independent group" to investigate Brooks beating and kicking his dogs.

Who is in this so-called "independent" group? Why won't the Iditarod release this information?

Whether you can admit it or not, the Iditarod is cruel to dogs.

Anonymous said...

Fight the good fight Scott! These Iditarod bashers have never spent any time with a musher or his animals to see how much the dogs love what they do and how much the musher loves his animals. There is no arguing with these people, but if anyone else has doubts, please spend some time with these dogs.

There are plenty examples of animal owners abusing their animals across the country and no one will support that. Ramey's days are probably over as a racing musher - at least for a number of years. Doubt sponsors will want to fund him. He may try to race some more but I wouldn't want to be him. He lost his temper. But to use that as proof that this is common behavior is part of our new untruthful culture - everyone is lying now to further their own cause.

Oh well - cheers from Nome!

Anonymous said...

Margery Glickman is a liar who attempted to defame my friend's good name with her efforts to convince people to boycott his business. Despite his numerous efforts to prove without a shadow of a doubt that he had never sponsored an Iditarod. He had to hire an attorney to convince her to remove his name from her website. He had never even heard of the Iditarod until he received an email from a stranger complaining about his company's name on Margery Glickman's website. She needs to get her facts straight ! She's so wicked that she never even apologized for her gross mistake in identity. A child with an average level of intelligence could have easily determined that she had identified the wrong person especially after being presented with all of the evidence that she was provided with. In my oppinion Margery Glickman's integrity and credibility leaves a lot to be desired ! She lied then and who knows what she would lie about now to further her self centered cause. It's not about the animals it's all about Margery Glickman and her ego. Why don't you do the right thing Margery and print a retraction and an apology ?

Scott said...

This reply was certainly a blast from the past. I was surprised that I did not here from Ms. Glicknam this during this years race but evidently from this comment she has stepped into the dog do so to speak. When I recieved it last week I forwarded this to her for a comment on the accusations but my request went unanswered. So for better or worse I will post it now.