March 18, 2007

Garage Logic

While living in Minnesota a few years ago I had the opportunity to listen to local radio talk show host and St. Paul Pioneer Press columnist Joe Souchery on his daily afternoon program Garage Logic. Joe was the self appointed mayor of Garage Logic, capital of Gumption County MN. The place where every problem can be boiled down to the common sense logic found in any group of guys having a beer in their garage.
For example; as a public service, after a series of incidents of schoolchildren inadvertently being left on board the school bus until after they had reached the bus barn, Joe began the "No Child Left Behind Program." See the lexicon of Garage Logic here.
In today's Pioneer Press Joe wades into the controversy of the refusal of certain individuals to scan the prices of pork products at Minneapolis Target stores. In part Joe writes;

As wave after wave of immigrants arrived in, say, the Twin Cities, I can find no historical evidence that they demanded that America accommodate them. On the contrary, they assimilated, worked hard and benefited from America. I can find no historical evidence that other immigrant groups wished to have such a religious presence in the material marketplace, or, to put it another way, we have not previously been this expected to accommodate such a public component of one particular faith.

This could also be true of the cabbies refusing to carry alcohol in their cabs and the call to provide prayer sanctuaries in airports and sports facilities.

Read the whole thing here.

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