December 05, 2006

We Have Been Here Before.

As you may remember, we were having the same debate about another ideology 25 years ago. At that time a man came along at the right moment in history with the vision and tenacity to say, "Enough". We were going to dismantle our 30 year old doctrine of containment and meet the challenge head on. It was going to be expensive and potentially perilous but he made us believe that we had the will and the power to prevail, and we did.
As so often happens in history another man, not through great vision but driven by great events was thrust into the position of choosing between continuing the containment of an ideology that had been waging its own cold war on the west for 30 years or saying " Enough". Once again it was going to be expensive and perilous. There is nodoubt we have the power. The only question is do we have the will to see it through?

Victor David Hanson contrasts the two sides of the debate on the War on Terror. According to Hanson, a majority believe we have neither the power or the will.
Interview excerpts with Hugh Hewitt.


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