July 24, 2009

Airventure 2009
Starting Sunday the Salmon will be blog-casting from Wittman Regional Airport in Oshkosh Wisconsin as we attend the 2009 Experimental Aircraft Association's Airventure. The trip was such a success last year that my friend from Alaska decided that we must go again. Thankfully the woman that lets me live with her is very understanding and she will be vacationing in beautiful upper Michigan without me this year. (Please, no Brokeback jokes)

I had intended to blog from our campground last year but our location behind the metal shed next to the broken down combine made wireless reception a challenge. This year we have decided to go all out and stay at Sleepy Hollow Farm conveniently located within walking distance of the main gate and the ever important beer tent.

The EAA web site declares!, "Cool' Factor: Off the Charts Unmatched collection of aircraft coming to Oshkosh"

More than 2,500 showplanes, including hundreds of warbirds, arrive at Oshkosh each year. In many cases, the owners, builders and pilots of these unique aircraft participate in the nearly 1,000 forums, presentations and workshops that take place during AirVenture week. Attendees can ask questions and learn more at these forums, which are included in all AirVenture admissions
Air craft to include:
Virgin Galactic VMS Mothership "Eve" (July 27-August 1): Born as "WhiteKnightTwo," VMS Eve is the next generation of civilian space carrier vehicle

Airbus A380 (July 28-31): The world's largest passenger airliner, which will also be open for public tours during its stay in Oshkosh

Predator B Unmanned Aircraft System (UAS)

Staying at the field will also allow us to take advantage of the evening activities that are offered throughout the week. Monday night the Doobie Brothers (wow are they still around) will perform and there is a nightly airplane movie drive in style.

So if blogging becomes sparse, its only because we are having to damn much aero-fun.


KingShamus said...

Have lots of fun and enjoy the rad aircraft.

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