January 08, 2008

This Old Shack

Just before Christmas I was informed that I had won a thousand dollars in merchandise at a local home improvement outlet. Visions of new power tools danced in my head but of course a saner head prevailed and I found myself loading a grand worth of laminate flooring and all the fixins into the truck for our dining room and den.
I have to admit, everything I know about construction has been gleaned by a lifetime of Saturday mornings hanging out with Norm Abram. I have over the years accumulated enough equipment to tackle most any project and have done everything from finishing the basement in our Anchorage home to remoldeling the kitchen in the current Salmon Shack. These projects always have a way of growing beyond original expectations. "How bout fresh paint, how bout new trim, how bout a crown molding, how bout.....". So for the past week I have been doing my best to keep this little project on schedule and I have to say that thanks to Norm the room is looking great.


Steve said...

What kind of return do you think you will get on the sale of your shack from this imporvment?

Scott said...

This is Iowa, where you can still get a nice three bedroom ranch for about 100K. I figure when I sell this place next year I will likely loose every dime.

Steve said...

Yeah but the three cords of wood you have out back will close the sale.

Good Luck!