March 06, 2007


The Iditarod Song. by Hobo Jim

Way up in Alaska, the state that stands alone
There's a dog race run from Anchorage into Nome.
It' s a grueling race with a lightning pace, where the chilly winds do wail.
Beneath the northern lights, across the snow and the ice and it's called The Iditarod Trail

Well Give me a team and a good lead dog and a sled that's built so fine.
And let me run those miles to Nome. One thousand Forty Nine
And when I get back to my home, hey I can tell my tale
I did I did I did the Iditarod Trail.

Well the race it wont be easy for the masters of the trail
Some of them will make it, and some of them will fail
But just to run that race takes a tough and a hearty breed
And lot of work done by the dogs that'll run cross the snow with a whistling speed.


Well I just pulled out of Safety, on the trail and all alone.
I'm doing fine. I'm picking up time and I'm running on into Nome.
There's no sled tracks in front of me and no ones on my tail
I did I did I did the Iditarod Trail.

It's Iditarod time in Alaska!

Official Iditarod Site Standings,Maps and all things Iditarod.
Iditarod 35 news and updates courtesy of the Anchorage Daily News
Iditarod History, courtesy of Iditarod Headquarters in Wassilla Ak.

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